3 Mobile Games With Corona

3 mobile games with Corona

The avatar creator and the speculation of people without IT knowledge

The first game was an avatar creator. I don’t know how the IT marketing people has their spectators. Thats the main reason I always be afraid of “what you understand” talk with the marketing people (and then I also write down on the project proposal) but this project wasn’t mine, so I couldn’t predict that.

This was the first project because it seems easy (with my expectations) and a good chance to learn about Corona SDK and Lua language.

The problem here was the expectations from the client, I don’t know why because we only had like 3 weeks to create the application. People without knowledge on IT it’s a pain.

Flapping bird game for the creativity

My best developer created this project with a codebase from examples on internet. Easy and learn a lot.

If you are a marketing agent, please don’t ask for flapping bird games.

3 little games on one

The principal project but also we were more prepared to make it. We don’t have problems with this two games. Only the first one.

Was good because it was the first time with Corona and Lua. The project planning was good.