Ruby Compiled Code

How to run Ruby compiled code on Rubinius

Step 1: Write the code

puts 'Hola Rbx'

Step 2: Compile the file(s)

rbx compile script/my_script.rb -o script-compiled/my_script.rbc

Step 3: Make a difference between source and compiled version

The main difference is the directory. The script directory is the source version and the script-compiled is the compiled version. My reason to do that, is because the commands to require the code are different.

tree script script-compiled/
└── my_script.rb
└── my_script.rbc

Step 4: Run the compiled version

Here we took the script-compiled directory and require the compiled version of my_script.

rbx -I $HOME/Desktop/script-compiled -e "Rubinius::CodeLoader.require_compiled 'my_script'"

Step 5 (optional): Run the source version

Here we load the script directory and require as always our my_script file.

rbx -I $HOME/Desktop/script -e "require 'my_script'"


This is the main benefit to do a compiled version of our code:

time rbx -I $HOME/Desktop/script -e "require 'my_script'"
Hola Rbx
        0.50 real         0.32 user         0.10 sys        

time rbx -I $HOME/Desktop/script-compiled -e "Rubinius::CodeLoader.require_compiled 'my_script'"
Hola Rbx
        0.37 real         0.30 user         0.06 sys


Please, before use this Rubinius feature in production; read the Caveats section of the post Running Ruby with no Ruby to make sure you are aware of this future problems.


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