Lisp And Knowledge

LISP and knowledge

We need a place to play and enjoy because it’s the play we learn and had a good time between.

The functional programming it was something I want learn since 2012 I know about it; but always had this problem of read, learn and had the basic knowledge to understand CS things.

I’m a community based developer and after many conferences about FP, I heard about the ELM course on The Pragmatic Studio. I took it and all the other concepts I read and hear about since 2012 became clear as water. It’s an amazing course.

Last year I learn about Elixir and Phoenix framework. And the last thing I had to learn it’s LISP.

Ancient and powerful. I had “Land of LISP” book since 2013 and never read it because I never fully understand the meaning of some things. And the syntax it was a pain to me.

Right now after Objective-C, Elixir and Elm syntax… LISP syntax it a candy to me. I love it!

I don’t know how to make entire applications (without a FP based language) with this paradigm because I can’t imagine about the colateral effects and the boundaries between. I had this problem only with Swift or Ruby. Elixir and Elm it’s something easy because the colateral effects it’s handled from the runtime. The mailbox and message queue are the platform features to handle the colateral effects in other platforms I don’t know how to do it.

This playground it for learn about one great language called LISP.