Who am I?

About me

The definition of myself is only available today. Tomorrow I don't know who I'll become.

I'm Francisco Granados, developer and economist. I live in México city. I’m chilango by birth. I am 27 years old and have been a developer for more than 8 years.

My life as a economist

I studied in México’s IPN (Instituto Politécnico Nacional) and have a degree in Economics. I majored in financial econometrics. In highschool, I studied some accounting and I worked doing tax returns in my spare time. It’s funny but this has been really helpful in my professional life.

Music inspector, my alias

My life as a programmer

At the end of highschool and during my social service (no, I am not a criminal, we have to do it since my school is funded by the government) I had a teacher there who introduced me to Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver. So I spent the next school holidays studying beacuase I wanted to learn more about them.

Jump in time... (sorry but I'm tired working on my blog so I'll later write this part)

I have worked on web platforms since 2008 with Moodle for IPN ESCA. I did some SCORM projects and many interactive developments. Developing client applications is my strongest skill. I have developed Desktop clients with Adobe Air, Web applications with Flash, Flex, HTML5 and recently iOS and Android Apps.

In 2012 I became an iOS and Ruby developer. In that time I have worked in more than 10 projects. Some of them in Ruby on Rails Backend, and some others in iOS (client) for iPad apps and Universal apps.

I am currently an instructor and developer in HTML5+JS+CSS3, Ruby and iOS technologies.

Do you want work with me? drop a line! or send me a tweet.